Some Songs I Wrote EP

by Melissa Schiller

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You can listen to and buy my debut EP right here! If you buy it I will love you. If you listen to it without buying it, it's cool, we can still be friends.


released June 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Melissa Schiller Davis, California

Melissa Schiller is a singer-songwriter from California who plays songs on the guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. She has participated in FAWM (February Album Writing Month) every year since 2011, released an EP (Some Songs I Wrote) in June 2012, and made her first full-length album (Misunderstandings) in the summer of 2013. Keep your ears peeled for a whole new season of music in 2016! ... more

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Track Name: Red v. Blue
she says blue is the best color there is
the color of the oceans that ecompass our great nation, oh blue
but he says red is the best color there is
the color of American blood running thick through our arteries, oh red

but I see everything in purple
the color of the sky right before it turns to night
and just because sometimes I think the left is right and right is wrong
doesn’t mean I’m always right

she’s got it set in her mind that blue is the best color she’ll find
the bright blue eyes of a newborn entering the blue world
and he’s got it set in his mind that red is the best color he’ll find
like fireworks and strawberries on the Fourth of July


say we do but we don’t
say we cry, no we won’t
say it’s wrong when it’s right
say we live instead of fight
say it’s red, no it’s blue
say it’s blue, no it’s red
say it’s me, no it’s you
just get out of my head

and try to be colorblind
we are all the same kind
we’re all on the same earth
we all love and we all hurt
so try not to draw lines between
people in your mind

Track Name: Verb the Noun
just because we name our band Verb the Noun and all our friends have t-shirts with our name on them doesn’t mean we’re gonna make it

no matter how many kids come to shows and bob their heads, we’ll stand there gazing at our shoes and look soulless

but we have feelings too
oh, we get nervous just like you, like you

just because we have the looks doesn’t mean we’ve got the hooks to book ourselves a record deal anytime soon, oh no

and at every single show, I make it a personal goal to get that kid crossing his arms to feel something more

but we have our doubts too
oh, we get stressed out just like you
we’re just like you, just like you

we’re at least four guys but we still work as hard as you
sorry we can’t be perfect like you

but we have bad times too
oh, we get hopeless just like you
we’re just like you, just like you
Track Name: Wearing Green
could you please tell me something
make my day more interesting
just say one thing and I’ll be fine
you turn around and tell me
there’s one thing you’ve been thinking
can’t seem to get her off your mind

I don’t know what to say now
keep my mouth shut or throw out
onto the table what I really feel
don’t know if I should allow
you to keep telling me how
your love for her is beyond real

I know you didn't mean to
hurt my feelings

but green is not a good color on me
and today could be
the greenest day I’ve ever seen
what should I think about
this girl you’ve been
telling me about

too bad I didn’t know better
didn’t know a thing about her
that you could be more than just friends
all I can do is take a
deep breath and pretend this never
happened and hope for the best

too bad you’ve closed your eyes to
all the other girls I know who
would pick you over all the rest
and these words I write are true
this silly feeling that grew
into a circle with no end

I know you didn't mean to
ruin my day

but green is not a good color on me
and today could be
the greenest day I’ve ever seen
what should I think about
this girl you’ve been
telling me about
one day you’ll get over her
and come running back to me
it’ll happen eventually
I don’t know what to think
I don’t know what to think
but I’m tired of wearing green

why do I get my hopes up
just to have them crash down
why do I set myself up

Track Name: Cheer Up, Duke
Duke, why are you sad?
we give everything thing to you and you’re
still not smiling like a
golden retriever ought to do
is it because we don’t give you food
every time you beg for it?
it’s not like you’re starving
so be grateful for what we give

Dukie you’re the best
stop being depressed
do you have some pressing
puppy issues that need to be addressed?
we love you either way but
we prefer to see a smile on your golden face

Duke, why do you wag only
when I say you’re going for a walk?
are you that unhappy in this house?
oh how I wish you could talk
if you could tell me all your problems
I’d fix them in a second
just remember you’re
one of my very best friends
(the other is your brother but you’re the original)


we don’t hit you or tie you up in the backyard
we all love you with all of our hearts
we just yell at you when you bark at people outside
and call you fat (in a cute way) sometimes

Dukie you’re the best
help me understand
what is wrong cuz you have
all of my attention
Dukie you can ask me anything
cuz you’re always there for me
the least I can do is be there for you

Track Name: Phone At Four
I said I can’t take this anymore, I gotta go
call me if you wanna know why I’ve been feeling down
spilling my guts out on the phone, thanks for listening to me
drone on for an hour and then telling me how

time will tell what all this means
this too shall pass, for now it doesn’t mean a thing
and you will explode if you overthink
just take a breath and for a second just stop talking

he said, honey I got six years on you
there’s nothing you’re saying that I haven’t been through you’re not alone
everyone feels the same way you do but no one has the courage to say it
like you at four a.m. on the phone


I said I hate the silence, it makes me feel so alone
he said I didn’t have to feel like that
appreciate the white noise for what it is

[chorus x2]