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Half concept album, half autobiography, Misunderstandings is my first full-length album and you can download it and/or buy a physical copy (WAY cooler) right here. I hope you laugh, cry, smile, commiserate, think, and feel. More importantly, enjoy.


released August 1, 2013

All tracks written/recorded by Melissa Schiller + friends (EW, BN, KY, NT). Recorded/produced by Nick at the Taniguchi Temple in July 2013.

I would like to thank my friends and family for their constant support which has taken many forms, including patience, encouragement, inspiration, and unconditional love. Special thanks to the Brager family, Mindy Schiller, Robert Klar, and everyone else who contributed to this album's fundraising campaign.



all rights reserved


Melissa Schiller Davis, California

Melissa Schiller is a singer-songwriter from California who plays songs on the guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. She has participated in FAWM (February Album Writing Month) every year since 2011, released an EP (Some Songs I Wrote) in June 2012, and made her first full-length album (Misunderstandings) in the summer of 2013. Keep your ears peeled for a whole new season of music in 2016! ... more

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Track Name: Stay a Stranger
it’s springtime
everyone is outside
and our paths were bound to cross somehow
just how high
was the sun in the sky
when we started hanging out cuz it’s starting to go down

if you just stay a stranger
I think that would be easier
we’ll hang out a little and then
go our separate ways
I’ll find your best parts
pick them out one by one
and we can get close
but just for a few days

he has a girlfriend
you want a boyfriend
she probably wants a girlfriend too
let’s all just be friends
at least until the weekend
is over and we go back to what the school tells us to do


in poetry
I feel like I’m in a movie
Professor Nathan Brown has a surreal body
deep questions
you’ve got me guessing
just how faithful to your long distance girlfriend you plan to be

[chorus x2]

tonight we can get close but you should stay away
Track Name: White Sheets
my lyrics aren’t poetic but I bet I can write rhymes
the song I sing to you is just a story from my life
well I’ve had trouble sleeping ever since Saturday night
and I’m not allowed to tell no one, I’m keeping it inside

my white sheets are clean now, I don’t know about my mind
but my body’s fine, thanks for asking
I understand how you don’t wanna talk about your transgressions
I guess I guessed right in the end

I don’t know much about your judgment but I can say this
you and your girl have no respect for your relationship
you left me without ceremony, you left without a kiss
you came to my room innocently and left with a guilt trip

I shouldn’t be feeling guilty, if anything it’s you
I told a lie and told some friends but they do not know you
you shouldn’t be safe from their judgment, same goes for me too
should we be shamed for everything or nothing that we do?


it was no big deal
let’s stop talking about it and just move on
it was no big deal
it’s not like I lost anything at all

my white sheets are clean, thanks for asking
I know you didn’t ask, but I guessed right in the end
Track Name: Talk About God
Jenny’s gone to Africa to spread the word of God
found Jesus and joined the church in a matter of months
I can’t pretend to know if it’s genuine or not
I don’t need God but I guess she does (x2)

so can I ask you what you believe
I swear I’m not attacking you

I guess you know better than I do what makes you feel alright
just let me know if you don’t want to talk about God tonight

building schools and houses is not in their plans
gonna hang out with some kids and tell them bout the man
in the sky that makes them so enlightened and different
from their heathenistic, uninformed, nonbelieving friends

I can’t help but be so intrigued
by your change in attitude


when she gets back from Rwanda we’ll see how she is
holier than thou or humbler than she’s ever been
I can’t predict the behavior of a girl like that
who changes her mind every time she gets out of bed

I am trying to understand but
it’s hard when I’m ignored by you

[chorus x2]
Track Name: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Sunday evening, Monday morning
all my priorities are so mixed up
I watch the sunrise while you're sleeping
I made a choice and it fucked me up
but I hope you had fun

my concentration is so evasive
I think I need a break to ease my mind
just 1 hour with 3 other people turned into the 2 of us and 4 or 5
and I hope you had a good time

the boys from home are out of sight
and as we rode into the night
they were 400 miles out of mind

I'm not worried what he's thinking
about whom I'm with or how I spend my time
I'm not certain what I want anyway
so for the love of God don't ask me why

why I can't seem to make up my mind
the boys from home are out of sight
and when I get to see you smile
they're 400 miles out of mind

they’re so far out of sight
and when I talk to you tonight
they’re 400 miles out of mind
Track Name: Burnt Tongue Blues
well I burnt my tongue on my first sip of coffee
I could smell how delicious it was and got excited
and I knew it was hot but I just wasn't thinking
maybe that's what I get for rushing in

now I can’t ignore the pain from that first taste
it could've been delicious but I was too quick
I ruined something that could've been good in my haste
every word I speak, I'm reminded

now I've got the burnt tongue blues
something about kissing you
has made me weak, now I can’t sleep
the same since I had you

I knew it wasn’t the best idea
but regardless I jumped in to the sweet drink
I tried to swim around and let it wash over me
but it’s a dangerous thing to not think

now I’m thinking it wasn’t the worst thing to happen
I still got this coffee right in front of my face
I hope I still have you as a good friend
and maybe a little more some day


I’ve chosen to not cry over a burnt tongue
wake up and drink the coffee if there’s still some
stop lying in bed and wasting my day
I’m grateful to know you anyway

Track Name: Siren Song
you’re right down the hall but you don’t care at all
that I like you a lot but I don’t know you at all

do you remember I exist? if you do I can’t tell if you give a shit
you’re right down the hall but you don’t know me at all

it’s not easy to do it this way
you changed your mind when I wanted the same
I don’t know what was wrong but I guess you do
you don’t know me at all and I don’t know you

you live three doors down but you never come round
to see what I’m up to – did I overwhelm you?

do I talk too much? do I not listen enough?
I’m not the best person and neither are you


your siren song, it drew me in
you let me play among the rocks before bashing my skull in
you’re a male siren and you’ll be my downfall
you’re across the ocean but right down the hall

[chorus x2]
Track Name: Green Eyes, Red Skin
we're all sitting round having a good time
and you're sayin whatever is in your mind
you are welcome here cuz you act so kind
but I see what you want, I am not blind

no you don't want friends and you don't want weed
you desire a body to fill your needs
and I understand your intentions, see
but when you're in here, it's not okay with me

you don't know him like I think I do
he is not the type to do that with you
and I know no one likes to be said no to
but he is not the type to do what you want him to

my eyes go green and my skin goes red
when you try to get him inside your bed
can't you be happy with a guy as a friend
stop touching his hair, get your hand off him

and calm yourself
you better go find someone else
I'm uncomfortable as hell
cuz I know you won't treat him well


well it's hard not to be a hypocrite
I know once you start it is hard to quit
but I think maybe you’d benefit
from toning it down just a little bit
Track Name: Do or Do Not (There Is No Try)
walking around in a haze
I haven’t felt like this in days
cuz I go back and forth between
what’s real and what is fake
you’ve no need to be scared of me
I’m harmless as a flea
and I go back and forth between
hating and loving

today I woke up from a dream
it felt so real to me
like I was walking through the clouds
and you told me to tone it down
well if we disagree
on what’s important to you or me
I will try soon to come down
from my non-reality up in the clouds

I try to sleep late as I can
to avoid being looked at
cuz the redness in my eyes
will betray where my mind’s been
I only want to do good
and I wish that you all could
realize my intentions
and minimize misunderstandings


I won’t try, I will do
no I won’t try, I will do
cuz there is no try, only do not or do
so I won’t try, I will do

Track Name: I Showered for This?!
I had a shitty day, can’t wait for tonight
my hair looks so good and smells so nice
I sit and wait around for you to pick me up
but you call and say that you fucked up

you said you thought we weren’t hanging out till tomorrow
said you got in a fight with your mom
said your boss called you into work at the last minute
but I’m not having any of it cuz I showered for this

you said we’ll try again some other time
but you don’t know when you’ll have the time
I guess I’ll have to call someone else
or stand by the mirror and look at myself

what a waste of time and energy
I could’ve sat around with my hair greasy
instead I waited for you to come get me
but you called and said I guess I’m busy

you said you don’t know if you have to stay with your family
said you can’t find the keys to your car
said you don’t want to stay up late and wake up early
but I’m not having any of it cuz I showered for this

I wouldn’t be mad, I know shit happens
but I showered for this
I know you’re not perfect and shit just happens
but I showered for this

just say you don’t wanna hang out with me and nobody else
you don’t wanna go anywhere
say you think I’m annoying and way too attached to you
I’d rather hear that than another motherfucking excuse

cuz I showered for you
Track Name: Global Warming
I know exactly why it took so long
to find the ozone hole in my chest
you melt the polar-knitted ice caps from off of my head
and now I’m drenched to the bone

your lips are global warming
and I’m a glacier melting
as I stand here to the north of you
you’ve got the scientists stumped
there’s not much that can be done
so I’ll wait for the day when all this is through

I saw a polar bear without a patch of ice
to call his own thanks to you
you’ve got me dizzy, spinning circles,
falling down inside my room from the CO2


I’ve got you caught between my atmosphere, I fear
sea level’s rising, now I’m drowning in your eyes

you’re like a thousand burning suns when I’m expecting a rainy day, it’s alright
I blame you for my being blinded by desire cuz you’re so bright
and I don’t say that to just anyone, so feel special
you deserve it, I believe that you have earned it
there should be a documentary about your long-term effects on me
cuz now I’ve got a condition – you give me heart palpitations
and it’s all your fault cuz you see